Hello! My name is Michelle Ivory. I am a health-conscious who also happens to enjoy writing about food!

Did you know that almost 40% of all food in America is wasted food? That’s right! this is because people are unaware If their food has really gone bad or not.

This is why it’s my job to guide people on how to tell if their food has gone bad or not. which is why I decided to create this website to help people make an informed decision on their food and whether they should throw it away or not.

My way of writing an article is by researching extensively and using my personal experience to write a reliable article with all the necessary sources that helps you know if something does go bad or not.

Not all experiences are made equal, this is why our experiences could differ. yet, I try my best to come up with reliable sources that give the most effective explanation of how long does food lasts and if you should discard it or not.

I might not have something professional degree, but I sure know how to make my due researches and I have my two kids whom I love with all of my heart. All the info I share here are either from personal experiences combined with extensive research, or a result of hours of diligent reading to find the truth about food, so you can have the peace of mind while eating it.

However, I am not responsible for the way you apply my knowledge, because each case is different. Thus, take my tips with a grain of salt and make sure it matches your experience as well.

I hope that my website is providing value to you. If you have any burning questions that you would like to ask, make sure to Contact Me to assist you in that.