Can You Freeze Oranges? Tips on How To Defrost It [Best Answer] in 2023

Oranges are a very important fruit, rich in vitamin C and fibers which is essential for your blood vessels and immune system health. Many people are buying oranges in bulk, as they are not always in season. When oranges are available, you may buy an extra amount to preserve for later but Can You Freeze Oranges? The answer is in the following paragraph.

Can You Freeze Oranges?

The answer to this question is a yes, you can indeed freeze oranges in order to preserve it for longer. If you are visiting an area where oranges are fresher and tastier, or if you find them on sale, regardless of the reason why you buy these extras of oranges, don’t worry you can freeze any quantity of oranges with an easy way we will explain below, so keep reading. 

You should know that you can freeze oranges but you will not be able to use them except in smoothies, sherbet, or juices. The freezing process will change the texture of oranges, making them softer and this is more suitable for drinks.

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How To Freeze Oranges?

How To Freeze Oranges

Here is your step by step guide to know exactly how to freeze oranges, and this process consist of three main steps:

The First Step is preparing oranges for freezing

  • You should wash oranges to remove any dirt, then don’t forget to pat them dry with paper towels.

Note: Using soap or chemical-based cleaners will leave a residue that may change the taste and texture of oranges or may affect your health. 

  • After cleaning you have two options; you can remove the outer peeling of oranges and separate them into sections if you plan to use your frozen oranges to create other dishes with. If you want to use oranges in garnishes, then you should only slice your oranges into circular rounds.

The Second Step is sterilizing the containers for freezing

To prevent any fungus growth and preserve oranges for a longer period of time, you should sterilize the containers which are used in the freezing process. You can use canning jars or plastic food storage containers, you just need to wash with hot water and soap and let them dry completely. Lids of canning jars should be boiled for approximately five minutes as well. 

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The Third Step is Freezing Methods used to Preserve Oranges

There are three common techniques for preserving oranges before freezing, you can choose the method that suit you:

1. Syrup Packing method

This method is considered the most time-consuming method, as you should first prepare the syrup, and this syrup requires other ingredients and time to be ready. The syrup packing technique is the best method if you want to retain more of your orange’s texture and flavor. 

Freezing Methods used to Preserve Oranges

You need first to prepare your syrup, and the easiest way to do that is by mixing two parts sugar and three parts water together, stir the mixture well overheat for five minutes. Allow syrup to cool by placing it in the refrigerator for at least four hours. 

That way, when you pour it over top of your oranges, it will speed the freezing process.

To freeze oranges by syrup packing you just need to place orange sections loosely inside your canning jars, then pour syrup over the top of the oranges until they are completely covered. Leave a space of around ¾ inch at the top of your container to allow both the syrup and the oranges to expand during the freezing process.

Using syrup in this method will speed the freezing process and preserve the texture and the taste of oranges. Place lids on your jars and tighten them down as much as possible by hand. Mark the lid with oranges and the date they were packed.

2. Dry Pack Method

The name of this method indicates the technique used, the method depends on preventing air from getting into orange slices or sections by tightly placing them in the container. 

Before freezing, stuff orange slices or sections into the container until you are approximately 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the top, this space to allow oranges to expand as they freeze. 

Make sure that you stuff oranges tightly as possible as you can, and get rid of any air present between orange slices. Finally, place the appropriate lid on the container, and then mark the date and contents on the top with a marker.

3. Freeze Orange Juice

If you just need to preserve orange juice, then you don’t need to do all of these difficult processes. Bring the number of oranges you need then squeeze them and freeze the juice in your freezer.

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How To Defrost Frozen Oranges?

The defrost process differs according to the way you freeze oranges with, but the first step is the same for the three methods we have mentioned above.

How To Defrost Frozen Oranges

First, you should remove frozen oranges from your freezer and let the container at room temperature to allow oranges to thaw for at least four hours, this period changes according to your country temperature.

If you choose to freeze oranges by syrup packing method, then you need to drain and rinse them before using them for other purposes.

Freezing oranges will allow you to enjoy them for up to six months after purchase,  but you should use thawed oranges as soon as possible to get the most enjoyment out of their flavor. Previously frozen oranges should be consumed within three to four days.

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There are many methods you can use to save you extra oranges to enjoy them later, choose the best to ensure you can enjoy this delicious fruit when it might not otherwise be available. Give it a try, you wouldn’t regret it. Don’t forget to share the article and tell us about your experience in freezing oranges in a comment below.

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