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Do Orange Go Bad? How Long Does It Last? [Best Answer] in 2023

We all love oranges. These fruits dense with water and nutrients are favorite for many of us. Perhaps you bought a large amount for the upcoming orange cake that you wanna make. Or there is a sale on fruits and you caught a handful of them and went home. in all these situations, the question remains the same: Do Orange Go Bad?.

We will explain in this article if your orange does go bad or not. We will also help you learn how to store them safely so they can last as long as possible. I will also show you How To Tell if your orange has gone bad, which can be quite handy if you are in doubt about some leftover oranges. Without further ado, let’s head right into it!

Do Oranges Go Bad?

Orange is a fruit, and Fruit does go bad. So, it’s no surprise that orange does go bad. This is because oranges have sugar in them that the bacteria can feed on. Also, mold can grow in such a rich environment and consume your orange, thus making it spoil.

This is why learning about the storage of the orange can help you keep it as long as possible.

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How Long Do Oranges Last?

Now that we know that orange can go bad, we should know how long it lasts before it does go bad. This depends on multiple factors, such as storage and How long it has been stored on the shelf.

How Long Do Oranges Last

Generally speaking, oranges that are stored at room temperature or on the shelves can last up to three weeks. That’s in case the temperature didn’t fluctuate a lot. The more unstable the temperature is, the more likely the oranges would go bad.

If you do store it in the fridge, then you can expect it to last for up to two months. This is because cold temperature manages to slow down any bacterial or mold growth on the oranges.

Peeling your orange removes the protective layer from it, thus exposing it to even more bacteria in the air. Peeled oranges can last for around a day at room temperature, and 2 days at maximum if you use a fridge.

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Oranges Shelf Life [Full Chart]

Whole10 – 14 days21 – 30 days
Cut2 – 3 days

How To Store Oranges?

Storing fruits should be quite simple, but let me explain it further. Once you get the oranges, make sure to keep them in a dark and cool place. a pantry works but isn’t ideal.

How To Store Oranges

The best way to store them while preserving them for as long as possible is by putting them in the vegetable drawer in your refrigerator.

A general rule of thumb is the colder it is, the longer it can last. But make sure it’s not freezing as this would be a bad idea.

If you happen to have split your oranges and peeled it, then you have to use a fridge. Wrap them tightly to make sure they are protected and keep them for 2 days at best. Any more than that and they won’t be as good.

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How To Tell If Oranges Has Gone Bad?

If you have left your oranges in the fridge or room temperature more than usual, or you are doubtful of the quality of oranges you bought, these sure signs can help you discern bad oranges from a good one.

How To Tell If Oranges Has Gone Bad


Perhaps the most obvious sign of all, taking a look at your orange can be your sure sign that you either have a great fruit or a spoiled one. Signs of mold is a sure sign you should discard it away.

The color is also a good indication, an orange should always look orange, if it turns white or blue, throw it away. That’s mold that’s growing on your fruit.


Oranges are known for being a tough fruit. With their outer layer, they are supposed to feel firm. However, if you hold your fruit and it feels mushy and weird, perhaps it has already spoiled.

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Should You Freeze Oranges?

Well, the answer depends greatly on how you plan to freeze the oranges.

Should You Freeze Oranges

If you decide to freeze it whole, then the answer is a big no. This is because freezing the whole orange would destroy the fibers inside that holds it together. Water expands when it freezes and instead of an orange, you will have a big ball of juice that is not in ideal condition.

If you decide to freeze it after cutting it into pieces, would be a good idea. but there is a way to do so which we will explain further on.

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Wrapping Up

We hope we helped explaining if oranges do go bad or not. Make sure to store your orange well and check for signs of spoilage in order to know if you orange has gone bad or not. If you have any questions to ask, make sure to put it in the comments and we will reply as soon as possible. Have a great day!

Can Oranges Go Bad

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