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Do Sesame Seeds Go Bad? How Long Do It Last? [Best Answer] in 2023

Seeds are stable in any kitchen or home. Whether you are a fan of chia seeds for some extra nutrition, or you enjoy flaxseed as a snack, they will always be a good idea to store. My current favorite is sesame seeds. Not only do they work amazingly in my recipes, but they also give calcium and magnesium. That’s why I have a big stash of seeds in my pantry. but have you wondered if sesame seeds go bad? That’s what we are gonna answer in today’s article. So, follow along!

Do Sesame Seeds Go Bad?

Seeds are known for their long life, sesame is no exception. Yet, they can indeed go bad.

The reason for this is the healthy fatty acids inside the seeds. they provide a lot of nutritional value.

As the seed ages, it starts to go through a process called rancidification. This process causes the oil inside the seed to go rancid, making it go bad.

This is why it’s important to learn more about proper storage. So you can keep your seeds for as long as possible.

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How Long Go Sesame Seeds Last?

We now know that sesame seeds can indeed go rancid, but the real question is when?

How Long Go Sesame Seeds Last

The answer to this depends on three different factors:

  • The type of sesame seeds. Raw seeds have different shelf life compared to roasted ones.
  • The storage. Frozen seeds live much longer than ones stored in the pantry.
  • The date on the package, which depends on the manufacturer.

Let’s tackle each type of seed and how long they can last:

Raw seeds

These are minimally processed. the contain the husk which provides both nutrients as well as protection. This means they can last for a considerable amount of time, up to 3 years to be exact.

Take note that this is not an accurate number, it’s an estimation of the shelf life of the raw seeds. The life of the seeds can decrease by bad storage to 1 year, or extended by freezing for longer than 3 years.

Roasted seeds

Thanks to the roasting process, these seeds are much more tasty thanks to the roasting process, allowing for a pretty tasty and healthy snack. However, they don’t last as long, with only an average shelf life of 5 months when stored properly.

Sesame Seeds Shelf Life [Full Chart]

Sesame seedsPantryFridge
Unopened+ 3 – 5 months
Opened+ 3 – 5 months+ 1 year

How To Store Sesame Seeds?

Now that we know the average lifespan of your healthy seeds, it’s time to learn the proper storage for it.

How To Store Sesame Seeds

There are general rules in the storage of sesame seeds, let’s go through them:

Find a cool and dark place

Sesame seeds last a good amount of time when it’s in a dry and cool place away from sources of heat. The pantry works quite well here.

Use airtight packaging

The less air available in the package, the more likely it won’t go bad. This is due to the air particles oxidizing the seeds causing them to go rancid.

Seal the package tightly and it’s preferable to use some vacuum to ensure it has no air inside.

Freeze when storing for a long time

If you bought a big bulk of seeds that you won’t use consistently, it’s better to freeze them for longer shelf life as well as preventing seeds from going rancid.

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How To Freeze Sesame Seeds?

How To Freeze Sesame Seeds

Freezing sesame seeds is quite straightforward. Follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure all of your seeds are dry.
  • Get a freezer bag and put the seeds inside of it.
  • Seal the bag tightly and drain all the air from inside of it.
  • Put the bag in the freezer.

The best part about freezing your seeds is that they don’t need thawing. You can take out the bag and use as many seeds as you need immediately.

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How To Tell If Sesame Seeds Have Gone Bad?

We discussed how to store the seeds properly, but mistakes can happen and maybe you forgot your seeds unsealed. How to tell if it has gone rancid or not?

How To Tell If Sesame Seeds Have Gone Bad

Here are few signs you should be on the lookout for:

The look

If moisture finds its way inside your package, mold may start to appear. This happens if you don’t close the package tightly before storing the seeds.

Mold can cause serious health hazards, once you see it you should discard the whole package immediately for your own safety.

The smell

sesame seeds have a pretty distinct smell, it doesn’t take that much to tell a good seed that smells fresh from a rancid seed. If it smells off, you are probably better of discarding it already.

The Taste

If it looks good, smells good, doesn’t mean it also should taste good. That’s why it’s really important to taste a few of the seeds before adding them to your recipe. If they taste good and are filled with flavor, then go for it. If it starts to taste off, weird, or even disgusting, you are better off getting a brand new package.

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Wrapping Up

Sesame seeds are essential for health-conscious people, as well as cooking enthusiasts alike. They can fit plenty of recipes while being healthy themselves. Knowing when seeds can go rancid is essential to make sure your meals remain tasty and nutritional.

If you have a question concerning sesame seeds, make sure to leave a comment below. We read every comment and will make sure to reply as soon as possible.

Can Sesame seeds go bad

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