Does Blue Cheese Go Bad? How Long Does It Last? [Best Answer] in 2023

Blue cheese has plenty of use in the kitchen. You can enjoy it as a meal, or perhaps use the crumbles version in your dressings. But let’s assume you have wedges of cheese that you have bought on a sale. Perhaps you are asking yourself the important question: Does Blue cheese go bad?

The article aims at informing you more about this particular food. Which is why we are planning to explore more around blue cheese, such as expiry date and shelf life.

We will also help to tell spoiled cheese from a good one, as well as frequently asked questions that will help you understand your food better. So, let’s follow along.

Does Blue Cheese Go Bad?

Considering the fact that cheese is just a diary product like Milk and Sour cream, then it wouldn’t be a surprise to know that it does go bad indeed.

However, the factors that affect its spoilage are quite diverse. Storage is key and it can easily make or break your tasty wedge or crumbles. which is why we are explaining How to store It in the upcoming paragraph.

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How To Store Blue Cheese?

Storage of blue cheese is really similar to how you store other types of cheese, such as Cream Cheese. Here are some guidelines for the storage of your wedges and crumbles.

How To Store Cheese

Blue Cheese Wedges

These are usually stored in the fridge. and according to the largest source of cheese information, the storage is ideal around 46°F – 55°F (or 8°C – 13°C).  Some fridges do have a slightly lower temperature than these guidelines, this is why storing it in the crisper drawer next to your vegetables is a good idea.

Now that we handled the conditions and place of storage, it’s time to Tell How to store the wedge itself.

  • Use the same package that your wedge was packed into.
  • Try to wrap it, but leave a room to breathe by not wrapping it too tightly.
  • Put it away from other types of cheese.

Crumbles Blue Cheese

These are easier to store, the unopened packages should remain in the fridge, while the opened one should be sealed tightly and put into the fridge as well.

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How Long Does Blue Cheese Last?

We can’t be exact with the answer to this question. The shelf life of blue cheese is really dependent on the brand, the sell-by date, and how well it was stored.

How Long Does Blue Cheese Last

Overall, here are general estimates of How long does blue cheese last:

Blue Cheese Wedges

You can expect your wedge to last you around a month in your home and when it’s well stored. If you happen to buy it fresh and can keep the storage conditions ideal, the wedge can last even 2 months in such conditions.

Unopened Blue Cheese Crumbles

These have the absolute longest shelf life thanks to the well-sealed container. it can remain good on the shelves for up to 6 months quite easily. and even if it’s past the date on the label, you can expect it to be good for an extra 2 weeks of storage beyond the expiry date.

Opened Blue Cheese Crumbles

Once the package of your crumbles is opened and exposed to air, the process of spoilage starts rapidly. The shelf life turns to be a week at best, more than that and your cheese will taste bitter instead of salty.

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Blue Cheese Shelf Life [Full Chart]

Blue CheeseFridge
Wedge - unopened or opened2 months
Crumbled - Unopened2 – 3 weeks
Crumbled - Opened1 week

How To Tell If Blue Cheese Has Gone Bad?

If you have been holding to your wedges for the longest time, and you are unsure if it has gone bad or not, this is the Important part.

How To Tell If Blue Cheese Has Gone Bad

Let me tell you that the signs of spoilage aren’t as evident as you might think, you have to cut into the flesh of the cheese to be able to know. Here are are the signs of spoilage.


Usually, cheese contains pencilin, which is the blue veins that make your cheese blue. They are what gives it a unique taste and is perfectly healthy and edible.

Now, take a look at the cheese, is it fuzzy? well, not a good sign. Did you find black spots? Well, even worse. You have cut into the wedge and it’s yellow or pink from the inside? Damn, that’s a fully spoiled cheese right there. and you should simply discard it away.


Take a whiff of your wedge. did you smell something similar to ammonia or funky that makes you sick to your stomach? well, sadly this is a spoiled cheese that you should discard.


This is the last test assuming your cheese has passed the last two tests. Simply take a piece and do a taste test. Does it feel sharp in terms of how salty it is? If so, it could be not the best cheese to go with and you should get a fresh package or wedge.

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Wrapping Up

Blue cheese can be great food and dressing for your kitchen. but you should take note of How long does it lasts as well as how to store it properly. You should also know how to tell spoiled cheese from a good one to avoid food poisoning.

If you have any question, leave it in the comments and we will answer as soon as possible. Thanks for reading.

Can Blue Cheese Go Bad

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