Does Coconut Milk Go Bad? How Long Does It Last? [Best Answer] in 2023

People are starting to become more concerned of animal products and leaning toward more plant-based food such as coconut milk. But here comes the big question. Does Coconut Milk Go Bad? This is what we are willing to answer in this article.

Let’s say you went shopping and bought a lot of coconut milk cartoons. Sadly, you didn’t check the best-by date. now They are nearing that date and you are asking yourself: Can coconut milk go bad? We all been there in such a situation, this is why this article will explain if coconut can go bad or not, as well as explaining How to Store Coconut Milk Properly. So, follow along!

Does Coconut Milk Go Bad?

This the question we will be answering in this article, and the answer is a clear yes. However, this process is slow and can take years for well packaged and unopened cartons of milk. Opened packages can go bad rapidly if not well stored and isn’t well sealed.

The reason for this is the fact that coconut milk is an organic substance. There are compounds in it that break down by time and form toxic compounds. This is why it’s best to consume the product within the best-by date to make sure it’s safe.

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How Long Does Coconut Milk Last?

The answer to this question isn’t easy, mainly because the period that coconut milk takes to go bad vary wildly according to the condition as well as the storing environment. a better storage environment can greatly boost The Shelf life of coconut milk and a bad one can make it go bad faster.

How Long Does Coconut Milk Last

Here are estimates of how long it would take for coconut milk to last:

  • Canned : This is by far the longest one of the punch. If stored properly and with care, it can have a shelf life from Two to five years in the pantry, depending on the brand and how it was stored.
  • Opened canned : We sadly can’t say the same for opened cans of coconut milk. which will last barely a week after opening the can.
  • Unopened carton : This will last a long time if the seal is in good condition and the carton doesn’t have any signs of damage. storing it in the pantry is ideal and it will last up to 1 month after the best-by date.
  • Opened carton: After opening the package, oxygen and contamination from the air will cause the package to degrade even faster, lasting at best for 7 to 10 days after the opening date. it’s suggested that you consume the milk within 4 days of opening the package to ensure the best quality.
  • Homemade coconut milk: Creating your own vegan milk come with the disadvantage of bad shelf life. This is due to the lack of additives found in the canned and cartons of commercial products. which is good for health, yet, bad for shelf life. This will last a week at best and should be consumed as soon as possible.

Coconut Milk Shelf Life [Full Chart]

Coconut MilkPantryFridge
Unrefrigerated- Carton Closed1 month
Unrefrigerated - Carton Opened7 – 10 days
Canned Closed2 – 5 Months
Canned Opened4 – 5 days
Homemade1 – 2 days

How to Store Coconut Milk?

Now that you know the shelf life of coconut milk, it’s time to learn how to keep it for as long as possible by storing it properly.

How to Store Coconut Milk

Here is how you can store your vegan milk so you can extend its shelf life:

  • Unopened and canned packages: Storing packaged coconut milk should be easy as it only requires dark and cool places such as the pantry for storage. You can store it even in the fridge which might make it even last longer than usual. freezing it is not recommended tho because it doesn’t make a huge difference in the shelf life.
  • Opened package: Once the package has been opened, refrigerating it is the best option you have for that. This is because it slows down the chemical process of spoiling and makes the coconut milk last longer. however, make sure it’s well sealed to avoid contamination from the air which would cause it to go bad.

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How to Freeze Coconut Milk?

If you do have coconut milk leftover that you want to store for even a longer period of time, then freezing it sounds like a really good option. However, take note that frozen coconut separates after thawing, which makes it not the best in case of drinking.

How to Freeze Coconut Milk

Using an ice cube tray is the best option for freezing your leftovers. You can do it just like you do with Almond Milk, here is how:

  • Get a clean ice cube tray.
  • Start pouring the coconut milk into the tray slowly.
  • Put the ice tray in the freezer and wait for it to freeze.
  • Once frozen, take the coconut milk ice cube and put them in a freezer bag that’s well sealed.
  • Put the freezer bag into the freezer again.

Now the leftovers can last up to extra 6 months by freezing it in such a way!

Note: Some manufacture advise against freezing coconut milk due to lose of consistency and thickness, such as Ayam. This is why it’s important to see if the manufacture suggest freezing or not.

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How to Tell If Coconut Milk Has Gone Bad?

It’s essential to know when your vegan milk goes bad. Spoiled coconut milk is hazardous for health and can cause food poisoning.

How to Tell If Coconut Milk Has Gone Bad

Here are some common signs of spoilage:


Fresh milk is milky white in color, while spoiled one is rather dark. Sometimes, it is even chunky and has started to curdle.

Take a good look at it to check for mold and spores, seeing one is a clear sign that this coconut milk is not safe for consumption.


The smell of the package can tell you a lot about the quality of it. Fresh coconut milk is rather airy and sweet. If you take a whiff and find it rather sour and acidic, then it probably has gone bad.


not everything that smells good and looks good, tastes good. This is why taking a small taste test can help you know better if your milk has gone bad or not. a coconut milk that tastes stale and with a hint of “tin” due to the packaging is enough to tell you that this coconut milk isn’t the best and should be discarded.

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Questions Concerning Coconut Milk

If you have any questions that concern coconut milk, you will find them in this section.

How Long Does Homemade Coconut Milk Last

Does Coconut Milk Go Bad If Left Out/Not Refrigerated?

Storing your milk at room temperature is okay if it was sold on the shelves. A refrigerated variant of the milk might spoil when left out.

The reason for that is the preservatives that are found n the shelf coconut milk. They are absent in the refrigerated variant and thus it cannot withstand room temperature for a long time.

How Long Does Homemade Coconut Milk Last?

Homemade coconut milk is really delicate and won’t last for a long time. It can probably last for around 3 days. The lack of any preservatives makes it really hard to stay good for a prolonged time, and it’s best consumed a day after it has been made.

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Coconut milk is a household item for most people and knowing if it Can Go Bad or not can be immensely helpful, we hope you learned about the expiration date of the coconut milk as well as How to store coconut milk. We also explained The Shelf life and How to freeze coconut milk.

If you have any questions, make sure to leave it in the comments so we can answer them as soon as we see them. Thanks for reading!

Can Coconut Milk Go Bad

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