Does Distilled Water Go Bad? How Long Does It Last? [Best Answer] in 2023

Drinking water is not only important for your health. However, you might need it if you are trying to cut on specific types of salts, distilled water is the way to go.

You can buy plenty of bottles and keep them in storage for future times. Here comes the big question, Does Distilled Water Goes Bad?

We will discuss this question in the following article, as well as the shelf life of distilled water with the addition of How to store it so you can keep it for as long as possible. and we will end with How to tell if it has gone bad or not. So, follow along!

What is Distilled Water?

You might be wondering what is actually distilled water.

The answer to that is simple, it is tab water that has been fully purified from all contamination, microorganisms, as well as even salts. basically it’s pure water with no extras at all.

What is Distilled Water

Some people need this type of water for a specific health condition that makes them monitor their salts intake. Others simply enjoy this purified water and feel safe using it.

This depends on you, but you might have a patch of bottles lying around as you ask yourself, Can Distilled Water Go Bad?.

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Does Distilled Water Go Bad?

The answer to this is quite clear. IT doesn’t go bad, at least in the traditional sense of bad as it can’t spoil just like tap water.

However, you need to be careful about how you are storing your water, as it will greatly affect the quality of distilled water. and it’s not even about the water as it’s about the container of the water that causes it to not last well.

How Long Does Distilled Water Last?

This is a good yet tricky question, the answer is -theoretically- forever, as water itself doesn’t go bad, especially distilled water with zero microorganisms in it and sealed from air.

Yet, the container of the water can start to degrade, releasing microplastics in your water and thus making it taste “weird”

How Long Does Distilled Water Last

So, if you want an estimation of how long the bottles you bought are good for, here are they:

Unopened theoretically lasts indefinitely, assuming the container is perfectly sealed and made of high-quality materials that don’t degrade easily such as glass. But 5 years is suggested if you want to ensure the highest quality to drink.

Opened isn’t the same story, exposing anything to air is dangerous as the microorganism starts to seep into the bottle, this is why 7 days is the suggested amount if you are using the water for drinking proposes.

This is to avoid dangerous plastic chemicals from disintegrating from the bottle to your water and to avoid any contamination to the water.

The water is still safe after even a full month, but it will taste stale and you should get a better bottle.

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Distilled Water Shelf Life [Full Chart]

Distilled WaterPantry
Bottled - Unopened5 years
Bottled - Opened - Appliance Use1 years
Bottled - Opened - Drinking4 – 7 days
Home4 – 7 days

How To Store Distilled Water?

Storing water shouldn’t be an issue since it can’t go bad, but good storage can make your water last longer.

According to The DistilledWater Company, all you need is a cool and dark place. ideally, using the fridge might be a good idea for storing bottles of distilled water and persevere the quality of it.

Use a glass container, or at the very least, a high quality plastic container made for contact with food.

How To Store Distilled Water

The reason is as mentioned above, low quality plastic can interfere with the taste of water by realizing microplastics into your water.

which is never a good thing.

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How To Tell If Distilled Water Has Gone Bad?

As we established, It doesn’t go bad unless it has been explicitly contaminated.

However, Storing water well is essential for keeping the water fresh, make sure the container is well sealed and it has been stored away from heat and contamination.

How To Tell If Distilled Water Has Gone Bad

if the water smells off and feels like it’s not the usual smell of water, discard it away. being safe than sorry always works.

Distilled Water Questions

If there is a question concerning distilled water, chances are, you will find it answered in this section.

Can Distilled Grow Bacteria

How long is Distilled Water Good For After Expiration Date?

If it’s unopened, then it’s good for as long as you like, it can last for years past the expiry date if it’s away from heat and direct sunlight.

Opened might not be the same. make a smell test, if it tastes off, then probably not the best idea to consume it despite the almost zero risks of consuming it, it will just taste bad.

Does Distilled Need To Be Refrigerated After Opening?

Not really, but refrigerating the water can kinda delay the stale taste that’s associated with leaving water for too long.

Can Distilled Grow Bacteria?

Absolutely no. Distilled water has nothing but H2O and bacteria need a carbon source to grow, which is fully absent in it.

Thus, any attempt of bacteria to grow (assuming there are any, cause there isn’t. This is why it’s called distilled) will fail inevitably.

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You can have the peace of mind while opening your stored distilled water that it hasn’t gone bad.

Distilled water can last indefinitely due to the pure nature that makes it seemingly impossible to go bad.

If you have any burning questions you wanna ask, leave it in the comments below and we will surely reply to it as soon as we possibly can.

Thanks for reading!

Can Distilled Water Go Bad

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