Does Hummus Go Bad? [Best Answer] in 2023

We all love hummus. it’s a delicious and tasty dip that is made of chickpeas that have been grounded to give you a delicious dip.

You can also use it as a spread for your favorite meal. Perhaps you love your dip a lot that you saved some for another day.

But you totally forget about it. You open your cupboard and there lies your favorite dip. You ask yourself “Does Hummus go bad?

The answer to this question lies in this article. We will explain plenty of question that has been surfacing the internet.

Such as “Can Hummus go bad?” as well as “How do you know if Hummus is bad?” and we will include How to store hummus so you can preserve it for as long as possible.

Does Hummus Go Bad?

That’s a really good question, but the answer to it isn’t as evident as it might seem. Most dips go bad sadly, and hummus is no special.

Hummus does go bad especially if left opened. This due to many factors that make it go bad, such as:

  • Bad storage.
  • Contamination.

This is why it’s important to know how to store hummus in order to be able to preserve it as long as possible.

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How to store Hummus?

Learning how to store hummus can help you spoilage. so you can enjoy your dip for as long as possible. To learn how you can do this, we need first to know which type of hummus you have bought, either it’s refrigerated or it’s not and each has his own separate way of storage.

How to store Hummus

If you don’t have an idea on how to store your hummus, then here is how you can do it, it’s kinda similar to pesto which is stored in the same way as they are both dips, but here is the way to do it.

For refrigerated Hummus

You need to keep it in the fridge for as long as possible. this is done to preserve it from going bad.

The better it’s sealed, the longer it will last, so, make sure to seal it well before storing it in the fridge. Using the original package is usually okay.

Once you have opened the package, you will need to seal it again using a different, well-sealed container.

Or by wrapping the container with plastic wrap to keep it away from contamination from the air.

Also, make sure you are practicing food hygiene. don’t dip directly into the original package as it could be contaminated by the food.

instead, transfer some of the hummus you will eat in another package and dip comfortably in it.

For non-refrigerated hummus

You are probably unfamiliar with Non-refrigerated hummus. This is because it’s not as common as the normal hummus.

Companies can add some ingredients into it to make sure it lasts perfectly well at room temperature. It’s similar to tahini in this.

This makes the hummus last far longer without a fridge. you don’t need to refrigerate it at all, just make sure it’s well sealed.

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Can You Freeze Hummus?

incase you have bought plenty of hummus and want to store it for a prolonged period of time, then you can definitely freeze it.

Take care the that hummus freezes differently depending on the brand. Some brands can be frozen well, others can change in texture.

Can You Freeze Hummus

test a small sample of your favorite brand to ensure it can last well being frozen.

Just make sure you follow these steps to ensure optimal storage of your hummus:

  • Use a freezing container. if you don’t have one, you can use an ice cube tray which will work well.
  • Pour your dip into the container slowly.
  • One of the reasons frozen hummus can become tasteless is the loss of moisture. To combat that, make sure you add a layer of olive oil on top of the dip. This will ensure it can preserve its moisture.
  • Once you have done these steps, you can safely store it in the freezer for a really long time.

According to HopeFoods company, you can stir your thawed hummus to gain back the consistency and to mix the separated ingredients, also, make sure that thawed hummus is consumed within 7 days.

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How Long Does Hummus Last?

So, you stored your hummus and you have been keeping it in the fridge. but you are probably asking yourself “How Long Is Hummus Good For?” and here is the answer.

How Long Does Hummus Last

It’s not easy to answer that, because it depends on a lot of factors, expiry date, how it was stored, whether it was opened or not, all of these are important in the determination of How long hummus last. But here is a general estimate:

Unopened and refrigerated hummus can last as long as a month past its expiry date. But make sure it’s well refrigerated in a cool and dark place.

Opened hummus is short-lived, lasting for around 4 to 7 days. you also should make sure it’s well stored by sealing it tightly and making sure it’s free from contamination.

Homemade hummus can’t stand prolonged storage due to a lack of preservatives. This is why you should make sure to consume it as soon as possible. 3 days is the longest it can last in the fridge.

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Hummus Shelf Life [Full Chart]

Sold Unrefrigerated - Unopened 1 – 3 months
Sold Refrigerated - Unopened3 – 7 days
Sold Unrefrigerated - Opened4 – 7 days
Sold Refrigerated - Opened4 – 7 days
HomeMade3 – 7 days

How To Tell If Hummus Is Bad?

after storing your hummus, you totally forgot about it. you found it in the fridge and plenty of time has passed, you want to eat the hummus but you are wondering “How do you know if Hummus is bad?” and here is the answer to your question.

How To Tell If Hummus Is Bad

To tell a hummus has gone bad, you should observe these signs in your dip to be able to tell if it has gone bad or not. These are the signs of spoilage of the hummus:


Good hummus should be evenly spread and doesn’t have any signs of separation. seeing the oil separated from the hummus sounds like a bad sign that the dip is no longer safe to consume.

A change of texture is also a bad sign. You may also observe a change of color into a strong yellow that indicate the hummus has gone bad.


Hummus – supposedly – doesn’t have a smell. So, if you take a whiff and it smells like soap or seaweed. or something similar to lemon. this hummus has seen better days and you should definitely throw it away. a sour smell is also a sign of spoilage.


A weird test, but effective. hummus is a smooth dip. So, if you touch the hummus and you feel it hardened or with little small particles like sand. you should absolutely throw it at the nearest garbage.


The last test is the taste. take a small taste test, does it taste sour? if so, this is a bad sign as hummus shouldn’t really taste this sour at all. discard the package and get yourself a fresh one.

Can I Eat Expired Hummus?

the only way to answer this question is to ensure that the hummus is still okay, and this can be done by seeing if it still looks good and tastes good. If so, you can eat it safely.

Make sure to look carefully for any sign of mold, if you see mold on your expired hummus, throw it immediately. This is not safe for consumption and will make you definitely sick.

How Long Can Hummus Be Left Out Of The Fridge?

The answer to this can vary wildly from brand to brand. but we can be sure that leaving your hummus out of the fridge for prolonged periods of time is not something to consider smart.

How Long Can Hummus Be Left Out Of The Fridge


Based on what California Department Of Public Health and the safe food handling code says, the most you can keep the food out of the fridge is 4 hours. as the room temperature is a perfect place for bacteria to reproduce and cause serious health hazard when consumed.

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Wrapping Up

We have answered plenty of the most asked questions such as “Can hummus expire?” as well as showing you how to store hummus.

You surely now know How to tell if hummus is bad and know How to freeze hummus for consumption later.

If you got any questions you would like to ask, make sure to leave it in the comments below and we will answer as soon as possible. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Can Hummus Go Bad

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