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Does Kahlua Go Bad? How Long Does It Last? [Best Answer] in 2023

Kahlua is such an enjoyable drink. it’s a blend of coffee-flavored liqueur that never fails to taste great. it has many variants and can be made with milk and other ingredients.

It’s widely available in multiple supermarkets that make it many people’s favorite drinks. but does Kahlua go bad? this what we are going to investigate in this article.

So, you are cleaning a cupboard of your kitchen and you see a bottle of Kahlua laying there that you totally forgot about. you start to ask yourself “Can Kahlua go bad?” and that’s where this article comes to help.

We will elaborate on whether Kahlua goes bad or not. and How to tell if Kahlua has gone bad. to know the answer to all of these questions, follow along.

Does Kahlua Go Bad?

Good question. The answer to it is really variables, but we can say for sure that it Does Go Bad as most drinks do. it’s just a matter of how long.

Kahlua is well known for being a really sturdy drink that can last for a long time. I wouldn’t worry as much about it going bad. I would usually worry that it will degrade in quality the longer it lasts.

Which is why it’s important to know How to store Kahlua the right way to prevent it from going bad.

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How Long Does Kahlua Last?

Depending on the type of liqueur you have, the answer varies greatly. Some people may think that because it’s caffeinated then it wouldn’t last as long.

How Long Does Kahlua Last

Which is not true, here is how long each variant last According to Kahlua makers:

  • Original Kahlua: The longest to last in the bunch, can last up to 4 years on the shelf, one of the longest shelf lives.
  • Flavored Kahlua: Since it has a flavor and other ingredients, it probably won’t last as long, the average shelf life is around 2 years, the quality will start degrading after that.
  • Ready-to-drink Kahlua: The shortest shelf life of the bunch, one year is how much it can stand. after which you will notice a change in taste and won’t be nearly as good as a brand new one.

Kahlua Shelf Life [Full Chart]

Original4 years
Flavors2 years
Ready-to-drink1 year

How To Store Kahlua?

Now that we know how long does Kahlua last, it’s important to know how to store Kahlua so it can last even longer than it’s average shelf life.

How To Store Kahlua

Storing Kahlua isn’t as hard or tedious as other drinks. It can be stored the same way you store rum Here is how to keep it for as long as possible:

  • Unopened Kahlua is similar to Amaretto in nature, it requires storage in a cool and dark place, such as the pantry. Keep it away from heat as much as possible while making sure it’s away from any electronics that could potentially conduct heat to the drink.
  • Opened Kahlua is no different, just make sure you seal it with the original seal. Make sure it’s well-sealed and away from heat and contamination. Keep it in the fridge as this will keep it chilled all the time to serve at any moment.

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Does Kahlua Need To Be Refrigerated After Opening?

No, you don’t need to refrigerate your drink after opening the bottle. but you can do it so it’s always fresh and can be served at any time.

However, what’s far more important in storing the liqueur than the fridge is the seal.

Sealing the drink tightly is extremely important to make sure it’s always protected from the air and from contamination.

How To Tell If Kahlua Has Gone Bad?

Let’s say you stored your bottle of liqueur the wrong way, perhaps was exposed to plenty of heat or it has passed it’s average shelf life.

How To Tell If Kahlua Has Gone Bad

How do you know if Kahlua is bad? Well, it’s far easier than you think, here is how:

  • The first is to check for the obvious signs, such as a change in color or odor. Usually, these signs are a good indication of spoilage of the liqueur.
  • It contains coffee, and we all love the aroma of it. A strong aroma is a good indicator that the drink is in a good state. If you open the bottle and end up with a weak coffee smell or even worse, no smell at all. it’s a sign that perhaps this Kahlua won’t taste okay.
  • If the Kahlua has settled at the bottom of the bottle, perhaps it’s quite old, the flavor won’t be as good, but shaking the bottle before serving would make things better and help you enjoy your bottle.
  • Check the edge of the bottle to see if there are any sugar crystal forming on it, This bottle has definitely seen better days if it has formed those sugar crystals and it’s a bad sign. Yet, you can enjoy it if it tastes well.

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Can Old Kahlua Make You Sick?

This is a really good question. Most liqueurs are safe to consume even if they are expired, and it is no different. You can enjoy your drink even if it has been sitting on the shelf for the longest time. But that doesn’t mean that it will taste as good if it has been stored for a prolonged period.

Can Old Kahlua Make You Sick

The only case at which the drink is not safe to drink is when you can see mold in the cup, which is nearly impossible to happen unless it has been contaminated.

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Wrapping Up

Answering the question “Can Kahlua expire” was kinda tricky, but we managed to do answer it concisely in this article.

The main takeaway is that Kahlua – like any other type of food or beverage – can go bad. but this happens rarely. This is why you should take note of the signs that tell if it has gone bad to ensure you enjoy your drink.

If you happen to have any questions about it, leave them in the comments. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Can Kahlua Go Bad

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