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Does Pancake Mix Go Bad? How Long Does It Last? [Best Answer] in 2023

Pancakes are one of the sweetest desserts one can enjoy. With its rich taste and lovely aroma, it’s hard to even resist it. Back in the days, making pancakes was a tough task. Now, with the existence of this marvelous ingredient, you can enjoy the pancake unique taste by cooking it on your own. This made me go to the shops and buy a lot of pancake mix. Then I asked myself an important question: Does pancake mix go bad?

This is why I decided to write this article in hopes of sharing what I learned about pancake mix. We will discuss How long does pancake mix last as well as How to store the pancake mix properly. We will also explore How to tell if pancake mix has gone bad. If you want to know everything concerning pancake mix, follow along!

Does Pancake Mix Go Bad?

This could be a little bit tricky since pancake is usually just a powder. The powder form helps it stay good for a prolonged time, but it’s not immune to spoilage.

The powder is usually free of moist, this makes it extremely hard for bacteria or mold to grow on the mix, which explains the long shelf life of the pancake mix. However, opening the mix’s package and exposing it to moisture and air could easily cause it to go bad.

Once pancake mix is exposed to a humid area, mold could easily grow and cause it to spoil and rotten.

So, to answer this question, the answer is yes, pancake mix does go bad.

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How Long Does Pancake Powder Last?

Now that we know that it does go bad, let’s explore How long it lasts before the spoilage happens.

Take note that it’s quite hard to tell exactly how long it lasts, mainly due to the different storage factors as well as differences in brands.

How Long Does Pancake Powder Last

But generally speaking, we can say that an opened pack of pancake powder can last for around 3 to 6 months. assuming that it has been stored properly as we will explain in the upcoming paragraph.

For unopened packages, you can check the expiry date on the pack. and we can give a general estimate of 12 months that the package will remain good.

Homemade pancake mix lacks any sort of preservatives, which makes it quite easy to spoil and go bad. This is why it lasts a week at best and it should be consumed as soon as possible, especially the liquid homemade mix which can go bad after a mere 2 days.

Pancake Mix Shelf Life [Full Chart]

Pancake MixPantry
Dry - Unopened3 – 6 months
Dry - Opened3 – 6 months

How To Store Pancake Powder?

After knowing a general estimate of How long does it take pancake powder to go bad. We should start knowing how to extend that shelf life to the maximum. and this can be done by storing it properly.

How To Store Pancake Powder

Pancake mix is quite similar to cake mix and baking soda in the storage. which is stored as follows.

Unopened pancake mix packages

Storing unopened packages should be easy and simple. simply try to find a cool and dark place in the kitchen. The pantry works quite well but also the kitchen counter can work. Just make sure that there is no moisture in the storage place as this causes the packages to degrade in quality.

Opened pancake mix packages

Opened packages can be stored in the same way as unopened ones, but the caveat is that you need to protect it from the air. Air makes the spoilage process much faster by allowing contamination into your mix. Seal the package tightly or use an airtight package to do the trick. The less air the mix is exposed to, the better it will last.

Homemade pancake batter

This is hard to store, mainly due to its ingredients that tend to go bad quite rapidly. But you can store it by pouring it into an airtight plastic container, covering it, then putting it in the coldest part of your fridge. it can last there for 2 days but the quality won’t be as good as a freshly made pancake batter.

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How To Freeze Pancake Mix Powder?

You might be wondering if you can freeze the pancake mix powder or not. Let’s start by saying that dry powder doesn’t really need freezing. This is because it has preservatives that take care of the storage. which makes sense.

So, Freezing dry powder is not an optimal idea, but Hungry Jack is okay with the idea of freezing your pancake mix for a little bit of longevity.

How To Freeze Pancake Mix Powder

However, if you happen to have pancake batter that you have made. Freezing it might be a good idea. it could help it last for more time. But you have to be careful that the consistency might not be as good as a freshly made one. as well as the ingredients might separate as you thaw the frozen batter.

Here is How to freeze the batter:

  • Get an airtight freezing container.
  • Pour the batter inside the container.
  • Roll it a little till all the air inside is gone.
  • Seal the package and put it in the freezer.

How To Tell If Pancake Has Gone Bad?

We managed to explain how to store the pancake powder mix as well as How to freeze. But assuming you did all of this, how can you ensure that the powder hasn’t gone bad?

How To Tell If Pancake Has Gone Bad

to understand that, we should start exploring the signs that can tell you that the pancake mix powder that you have has spoiled. Here are some of these signs:


A good pancake powder is usually white in color. So, anything other than white is not a good sign. If you check your package and you find plenty of bluish-green spots. You have a spoiled pancake mix. These spots are mold that has grown over the pancake powder mix and it should be discarded away immediately.


A smell test is an easy way to tell if you have a spoiled powder. simply take a whiff, mold-like smell or something off is not a good sign. Throw it away for safety.


If you use your powder a lot, and it doesn’t give your pancake the lift that it needs and the pancakes always end up thin, maybe you need a brand new package as this one has seen better days.

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Pancakes are lovely, but it wouldn’t be if your mix has gone bad. Make sure to store your pancake mix properly. and check for the sign of spoilage before using it to ensure you have your tasty and safe pancake.

If you have any questions, leave it in the comments below and we will reply as soon as possible. Thanks for reading.

Can Pancake Mix Go Bad

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