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Does Vodka Go Bad? How Long Does It Last? [Best Answer] in 2023

We all save our favorite alcoholic drinks for the perfect time. perhaps you got a bottle of vodka from a friend and wanted to keep it for this special occasion. you left it in the cupboard and totally forgot about it. Only to open up the cabinet and see it lying there. A question will pop up in your mind “Does Vodka Go Bad?

The answer to this question isn’t as easy as it might seem. Vodka is a liqueur and usually, liqueurs don’t go bad. However, that doesn’t mean they can be consumed if a long time has passed since the last time they were used.

This is why we are answering in this article the common question “Does Vodka expire?” which we are planning on explaining in great detail.

Keep reading to learn more about how long does vodka last before going bad, as well as learning how to store it to last as long as possible. let’s start by answering the burning question “Can vodka go bad?” Let’s start.

Does Vodka Go Bad?

Answering this question requires more searching than you might think. This is because “go bad” has different meanings based on the person using the definition.

If you are speaking of going bad that means being dangerous to consume, then we can assure that vodka doesn’t go bad. your bottle will remain safe to consume even after 40 years of storage and can last indefinitely.

However, Vodka does lose its taste as it ages. but this can take decades for it to happen. So, it’s safe to not be worried over it.

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How Long Does Vodka Last?

That’s a really good question. Under perfect conditions, vodka can last indefinitely. Good storage for the liqueur can ensure it will last till your daughter marry and you can enjoy it with your grandkids.

How Long Does Vodka Last

The secret for such infinite shelf life is that it has a high alcohol content which makes it a very tough place for bacteria to grow if not impossible. This is why consuming alcohol past its shelf life is still safe with no worries.

However, take care that opened it bottles will start evaporating. This is normal and will take decades for you to start noticing a decrease in the volume of your bottle. but make sure to keep it well-sealed.

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Vodka Shelf Life [Full Chart]

UnopenedStays fine indefinitely
OpenedStays fine indefinitely

Thus, when we answer the question “How Long Is Vodka Good For?” you can expect as long as you like it to last, depending on your storage conditions.

How To Store Vodka?

Now to another important question. Storing Vodka is essential for it to preserve it’s quality as well as keep it safe from contamination.

The way to store it is quite similar to how you store Kahlua or Whiskey.

How To Store Vodka

Here is how to store it properly:

  • Store the liqueur in a dark place: this will make sure it’s preserved for as long as possible and extend the shelf life of vodka.
  • Avoid heat at all costs: Not only heat speed up the oxidation process of the vodka, but it also makes it more prone to losing its taste as well. Make sure to store your bottles away from all the sources of heat such as electronic appliances.
  • Use the original seal: The original seal is the only seal that can protect your vodka from going bad. Other seals aren’t as good which could lead to it losing flavor, but you can get a decent one online if you are a liqueur enthusiast who wants to make sure your drink remains in perfect condition.
  • Find a good place to store: A good place should be protected from heat as well as the light. This means a cabinet or the pantry works best for the storage of your drink.

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Does Vodka Go Bad After Opening?

After opening your bottle, you might be wondering if it will go bad or not. Let me assure you that your drink won’t go bad even after opening. However, it might not taste as well as it used to be when you have opened it.

This is because oxidation occurs and vodka could evaporate if left opened for a long time, and by a long time we mean decades of being left open.

How To Tell If Vodka Is Bad?

So, you left your vodka opened, exposed to heat and light. you feel worried to take a sip and perhaps you are asking How do you know if the drink is bad?

How To Tell If Vodka Is Bad

Well, the answer to that lies in the next few lines:


That’s the main way to make sure you have a good vodka. If the alcohol smell seems off or funky, it’s probably a really good step to discard it.


This is an obvious sign that this bottle is not safe to use. any contamination in the drink is a good enough sign that this bottle shouldn’t be consumed at all.


If it smells good, looks good, but you take a sip and it tastes bad, perhaps it’s a good sign to discard the bottle altogether. How long the drink is good For depends on how well it tastes for you. and a bad taste is a good enough indicator that this liqueur has seen better days than this.

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What Happens If You Drink Expired Vodka?

First of all, there is nothing such as “expired vodka” this is because it can last indefinitely if not opened. and even if opened, it only loses some of its alcoholic content. So, it’s safe to assume that expired vodka won’t harm you. However, make sure it’s not contaminated because it could be harboring some germs especially if it’s not well-sealed.

What happens if you Drink Expired Vodka

Does Vodka Lose its Alcohol Content?

Vodka only loses it’s alcoholic content if it has been left open for a long time. but it would take years, even decades, for it to lose its proof. This is why sealing your bottle well and storing it in a good place is essential to make sure vodka remains as good for the longest time possible.

Does Vodka Lose its Alcohol Content

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Wrapping Up

You can enjoy your favorite drink safely now, knowing it rarely go bad and it can last for decades. We hope we managed to answer the essential question “does vodka go bad?” with accurate explanation.

If you have any questions, make sure to leave them in the comments below. Also, share your experience with us cause we would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Can Vodka go bad

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