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Does Wine Go Bad? How Long Does It Last? [Best Answer] in 2023

Wine is one of our favorite alcoholic drink. We all enjoy a cup of wine from time to time, but not many of us know how we can store wine. The question that we get to ask is “Does Wine go bad?” Which we will answer in this article.

As well as answering other important questions such as “How to tell if wine is bad?” which has been asked plenty of times.

We will also discuss how long you can keep your bottle open. which you will be surprised to know the answer to. there is also a section in this article dedicated to white wine so you can make sure you get this well. So, follow along to know the answer to all of these questions.

Does Wine Go Bad?

Unlike common misconceptions, wine doesn’t last indefinitely sadly. It Can go bad if left long enough. but this varies depending on multiple factors.

First of all, quality really matters. Quality wine can be easily stored for years. This is not the case for cheap wine tho. As a general rule, the higher the quality, the more you can store it.

Can wine go bad? well, inexpensive one really does. fairly quickly. it’s best to consume in a maximum of a year or two and in order to make sure it doesn’t go bad.

So, to answer the big question. Does wine expire? absolutely! but it depends greatly on the type of you are storing and the quality of it, which we will explain in more depth.

Can Wine Go Bad?

The answer to this question is a definitive yes. But you need to know the type of it to determine when does wine expires.

High-quality wine can be stored for the longest time without worrying about it going bad. If it’s a really expensive one, you can store it properly for decades with no fear of it going bad.

How Long Does Wine Last?

If you are asking How long can you keep a bottle of wine, then the answer will always be it depends.

How Long Does Wine Last

This is because wine expires differently according to its state, type, as well as how it’s stored. as an example:

  • Unopened, fine it can be stored in the cellar for decades in a perfect condition.
  • Bottled Red wine can be stored for as long as 2 to 3 years from the production date.
  • White wine is slightly more delicate, lasting only for a year and a maximum of 2 years.
  • Wine juice boxes are also available, but they last the least. Only 1 year of storing. it can go bad if it were stored any longer than that.

Take note that these guidelines only apply for wine, not Champagne, which seems to go bad much faster and tends to be flat within a few days of opening.

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Does Opened Wine Go Bad?

If you happen to have opened your bottle, then the above periods don’t really apply. you surely can’t expect an opened bottle in the air to last for years.

Does Opened Wine Go Bad

But to answer this crucial question “Can you drink old opened wine?” the answer would be in the following points.

  • Generally speaking, it’s best to consume white wine within 3 days of opening the bottle. This is considered as the best time to drink it as it will still have its aroma and unique taste.
  • Red wine is a little bit better, as it can be kept in the refrigerator for as long as 2 weeks. I would still suggest that it would be consumed in 1 week at best to ensure the best taste.
  • Wine juice boxes are the longest to remain in the fridge without issues, lasting for a full 6 to 12 months in your refrigerator.

If you consumed the wine within these time periods, then we can answer “Can you get sick from drinking old wine?” with a definitive no. as it will be safe for human consumption.

Wine Shelf Life [Full Chart]

Closed1 – 3 months
(Red - white - rose) - Opened3 – 7 days
Sparkling - Opened2 – 3 days
Fortified - Opened1 month

How To Store Wine?

Now that we learned that wine can last way longer when it’s stored safely and effectively. it’s best to start to learn how you can store it the right way.

How To Store Wine

The way you store it can greatly impact its shelf life. and the proper way of doing so can be explained in these steps.

Unopened wine bottles

  • The optimal place to store your it would be in the cellar. which is a cold and dark place, with  50-55°F (13°C) temperature that would allow it to be safe and preserve its state. if you don’t have a cellar, it’s okay to use any cold and dark place in your fridge.
  • It’s highly suggested that you don’t store your it anywhere that the heat fluctuates. WineSpectator strongly advises against it as it seems to lead to the aging of the wine in a bad way. Make sure that the temperature is stable in the place you choose for storage.
  • Avoid any place that would cause the wine to heat up while stored. Heating up the wine will only speed up the process of expiring and we don’t want that. such places would be home appliances and closed areas as they would generate heat that would impact the wine.
  • Store the wine horizontally not vertically. This is done to keep the cork moisturized and avoid air from entering. as well as making it hella easier to open the wine bottle.

Opened wine bottles

  • Storage of opened wine bottles should be in the fridge. but avoid storing opened bottles in the fridge for prolonged amounts of time. opened wine should be consumed ideally within 3 days, more than that and you will find it degrade in quality really fast.
  • Sealing the bottle tightly is really essential for proper storage. Find the original cork and seal it. If you can’t find it, use aluminum foil with a rubber band to avoid air entering the bottle and oxidizing the wine.
  • If you seem to not be able to finish the drink within a few days, try freezing it and using the frozen cubes in cooking just like sherry.

Does Red Wine Go Bad?

Like all kinds of wine, red wine can go bad. but it’s usually not as fast as white wine does. Red wine is usually fine and can withstand decades in the wine cellar.

Does Red Wine Go Bad

Some of the finest wine comes from Spain and Italy and can last for an extended period of time. Here is how long it can last:

  • Unopened red wine can last in the wine cellar for as long as 3 years of storage.
  • Fine and expensive red wine can withstand almost decades of storage under optimal conditions.
  • as for opened red wine. It’s best to consume within 2 weeks of opening the bottle.

Does White wine go bad?

White wine does go bad as well, even faster than red wine. It’s usually not as resistant as the red wine. and requires even more delicate attention and care for it to be stored probably. here is how long it lasts:

  • unopened white wine wouldn’t last super long, only a maximum of 2 years at best.
  • opened white bottles go bad fast, 3 days and it should not be safe for use.

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How To Tell If Wine has Gone Bad?

Telling if you have a bad wine or a decent one can make a difference in the quality of your drink. No one would like to drink an expired one.

How To Tell If Wine has Gone Bad

This is why you should take note of these signs.


Perhaps the simplest or the most complex depending on the bottle, a clear it bottle may make this Hella easier compared to a stained glass bottle.

When wine starts to oxidize, it will start to shift the color slightly, the red will be browner, while the white will be more yellow.

Simply pour the drink in a cup and take a look at it. Does it have brownish hue in case of red wine or yellowing of the white wine? This change of color is a clear indicator that the wine has seen better days.


One of the easiest ways to tell if the wine has gone bad is the smell. Taking a small whiff can be enough. A funky smell is not a decent sign. If the smell is strong, try to swirl your bottle a little bit. If the smell is still off, you should throw that wine away.


If it looks good and smells good, it doesn’t necessarily taste good. Take a small sip and see if it actually tastes like it or not. a bad taste is a degradation in quality, and who wants to drink low quality it?

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Does it go bad? well, this is the article to answer this question. we hope we managed to answer such questions easily and with clarity. Knowing when it goes bad is important for your health and the health of your friends.

We hope if you have any type of question, to leave it out in the comments and we will reply as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

Can Wine Go Bad

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